I find that the more I am open to the possibility of peace and tranquility the more often it finds me.


Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so thick headed, but I’ll refrain from allowing this moment of success to be an opportunity to beat myself up.

Without going into a lot of mundane and unimportant detail I’ll just say that I have had to wing it a bit these past few days, adapting to things on the fly and not having it be a big deal.

Today arrived at my mother-in-law’s house past dinnertime. I snacked on veggies and cheese while making the kids something to eat and then I sat and had a yogurt with them while they ate.

Right now, I’ll admit to being a bit peckish and I think I’ll have another cheese stick before heading off to bed.

I anticipate difficulty and then it just doesn’t appear. Hopefully, with this introduction the rest of the week will be as simple and straightforward.

Deep breath and relief.