Tonight my husband and I went out to dinner with friends and afterwards the four of us did some shopping. My husband picked up a jacket he liked and thought would look good on me. The exchange went like this:

He: Try this on, I like it.

Me: What size is it?

He: Medium. Is that alright?

Me: Yes, that’s right. Thank you.

He: I like it. It looks good on you.

Me: Actually, it’s too big, is there a small?

He: I’ll check.

Me: I can’t believe I just said that: “It’s too big is there a small?” That sentence alone should sustain me for a long time, shouldn’t it?!

Oh, and later, I bought a pair of jeans in a size 6! Crazy, I know. I still have 15.5 pounds to lose before my BMI is in the normal range. Granted, the size 6 jeans are a little tight, but they are wearable now and darn-it, I’m going to lose those 15 pounds and then they won’t be tight anymore!

This night has got to make me feel good. Remind me of it when the scale doesn’t move the way I want it to on Wednesday morning!