It has been a lovely yet exhausting week. My roommate from college, and her children, all came to spend the week with me and my children. Actually, exhausting doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The kids, who usually get along beautifully when they see each other for a few hours at a time, were at each other’s throats after a couple of days and I was really starting to lose it by the end. I wanted to pull my hair out over all the kids behavior, not just my kids. Every one of them was being alternately wonderful and miserable. It gave me knots in my stomach a lot of the time.

But other than that stress my stomach seemed to do just fine. My friend was on a diet of her own (the first one I’ve know her to be on in the 19 years I’ve known her) and so she and I just did what we could to help each other out and not get in each other’s way when it came to eating.

That part, really did work out beautifully.

But now, I feel empty and drained. My kids are drained, I can tell you that. They both fell asleep by 6:45pm tonight. I wish I could. I should. But I won’t.

I did do yoga this morning. It feels so good to move my body that way; to stretch it out and let the tension go.

I don’t know what I want to say other than that I needed to check in here again. The weeks are harder and the weight loss slower when I’m not writing.

Writing keeps me focused.

Writing keeps me honest.

Writing keeps me peaceful.

I had peanuts and peanut butter today. I also ate veggie dip twice.

Neither of these things are really terrible, but I’d told myself no to the nuts and the refrigerator was just so vacant tonight that having veggies and dip again was all I could do to get in another serving of veggies.


Oh well..

I’m moving on now.

I refuse to dwell or get down. When I do that things get harder and it leaves open the door for bad feelings to creep in. Instead, I’m just moving on. Drinking my water. Eating my approved snack. Keeping on keeping on.

That’s how this works. One day at a time.