There will be no weigh-in today. I’m not avoiding the scale because I’m afraid of what it will say. I’m avoiding it because I don’t think that this week the data provided will be meaningful.

This may sound like a rationalization, but it’s not. It’s just that there are so many variables that occurred this past week that could alter the scale’s number in artificial ways. So, here’s the list:

1. I was sick as a dog and under-eating for much of the week since the sickness took away my appetite

2. I have my period

3. I was traveling for 5 days straight and was sitting in a car for hours and hours a day

4. The traveling meant lots of restaurant eating

5. Between being sick and traveling I am totally dehydrated

I managed to stick to the food plan and not eat any “unauthorized” items, but in all honesty, I was eating very little.

I think that some of these things could cause the scale to dip lower than a normal week and others could cause the scale to stay higher than a normal week.

In the end, whatever the scale says this week will only mess with my head and I don’t need that headache right now. I have the motivation to get back on track today, return to hitting my daily tasks, drinking all my water, and eating my standard foods again. I think it would be better to give myself a week to get back to basics and take next week’s weigh-in instead.

Also, my mom is here this week and for a gazillion reasons I don’t need the added confusion of a weigh-in with her here. Too fraught.