Scale: 164.5

Change since last week: -3.5

Total change: -24.5

How many days out of the past 7 did I:

  • Follow my food plan: 6
  • Drink my water: 7
  • Have my oat bran: 7
  • Do 30 minutes of exercise: 2

Today I am feeling this way about my progress:

I would say surprised but I could tell that things were shifting in my body this week because my pants were suddenly looser again. But I wasn’t expecting 3.5 pounds lost in one week. That’s more than I was expecting.

I think cutting out the nuts and nut butters was a good idea. I wasn’t eating much of it, only 7 almonds a day or 1 tbsp of peanut butter a day, but clearly they aren’t in my best interest right now.

Of course, I could have lost so much this week because I’m sick. I just keep sinking further and further into sickness each morning. Sunday it was headaches, Monday I’d lost my voice, yesterday was a terrible cough that kept me up much of the night, this morning it’s head congestion. Ugh.

I’m feeling great about my progress. I’ve got 6 pounds to go until I reach my first major goal: what I weighed before I got pregnant with my son 5 years ago. Then, after that there will be 11 more pounds to my second major goal: a BMI in the normal range.  Then, it’s on to consolidating the weight loss and reintegrating many of the foods I’ve cut out along the way.

Somehow, this all seems possible now, which is really exciting. For most of my life weight loss seemed impossible. I had a great run after my surgery and yet it seemed to happen without much attention from me, other than the attention required to make sure I didn’t make myself sick by eating too fast. But any time that weight loss required attention from me, well, that didn’t ever go well. I had really begun to feel helpless and hopeless and defeated.

But now, the idea of losing 6 more pounds seems not only possible, but probable. The idea of losing 11 more after that seems entirely possible.

Most importantly, I’m proud of myself for what I’m accomplishing and feeling so grateful that with it is coming knowledge, wisdom, and insight into this tumultuous relationship I have with food.

I’m praying that will stay with me as I near the finish line for this leg of the journey.