I’m putting this in writing here because I need to have a record, that is easily found, to remind myself of the clarity I feel right now about my food plan.

Without sugar (both refined and unrefined)… Without wheat or flour (baked goods, really)… Without refined carbohydrates… I am happy.

I am calm. I am focused. I can manage my life. I can roll with the ups and downs. I can feel strong and capable.

I am no longer haunted by food.

Pizza smells good, but the cheese and sauce are the best part and I can still eat those parts. I’ll put it on a cauliflower crust, or a giant portabello mushroom. Simply put, I can adapt.

And nothing tastes as good as this clarity feels.

But the food obsession is a strong one and it will pull me back in at some point. At some point I will start to be tricked into thinking that ease, convenience, feeling like everyone else, or being able to celebrate with food is important enough to break this abstinence by changing this food plan.

I need to remember the food is not worth it.

But I am.

When I come to the end of the weight-loss phase of this diet and move on to the next stage the diet requires the addition of whole grain bread. I’m going to have to think long and hard about that one. We’ll see… I’m hoping the clarity I have from this process will help me see where I am going and the path the higher power that is guiding me (despite my continued disbelief) is taking me towards.