One of my favorite parts of summer is going to the early morning farmer’s market twice a week. I pick up mostly fruit but lovely vegetables also, cheese, local honey, and flowers.

Sunday morning I got up and went to yoga and when I got home everyone was ready to go to the beach. We had a wonderful day and by the time we got home late in the afternoon I realized that I’d completely forgotten about going to the farmer’s market. Yesterday we went to the beach and as I was going to bed I realized that again I had missed that morning’s farmer’s market.

The strange part is I didn’t really care.

I’m not eating fruit, and I’m eating vegetables only every other day. Suddenly, stocking up on food doesn’t seem so interesting to me anymore. My family has been more than happy to simply eat what we have already and none of them ask for more.

I spent so many years focused on cooking and eating that I even had a food blog for a couple of years. But suddenly, I have no interest in cooking. Well, not suddenly. Since I started this diet.

Food has lost it’s draw.

I think there are a couple of reasons for that:

Cutting out the carbs and the excess fat has altered my body’s cravings. I love the taste of the foods I’m eating, but I don’t crave them and I’ve been off the carbs and fat so long that I don’t crave them anymore.

The obsessive food thoughts are gone so my brain has been thinking about other things and dreaming up what I’m going to cook or bake next just isn’t in the forefront of my mind.

I’m viewing food as fuel and not as entertainment or pleasure.

Simply put, food just doesn’t have much allure right now. In fact, I’ve basically stopped reading all the food blogs I used to read. I glance at titles in my Google Reader feed, but I rarely if ever click on them to read. All those recipes seem to call for sugar, butter, and/or flour. Truth be told they are kind of grossing me out right now. I tend not to be a heavy eater in the summer anyway, but the idea of fatty, baked, refined carbs is about as interesting to me right now as watching Dora the Explorer.

I do confess to missing the blueberries and peaches I usually get here in the summer. They are so sweet and delicious that I look forward to them all year. But, my wonderful husband has reminded me that once I reach my goal I’ll be eating fresh fruits again and I will have many more years to enjoy them. One summer of missing them isn’t so terrible. He’s right, of course.

Maybe that’s why I keep forgetting to go to the farmer’s market. I’m saving myself the sadness of having to walk past the booth from the peach orchard and the booth from the blueberry farm. The art of the defense mechanism!

But, I’d love to get some of those farm fresh tomatoes and the most delicious lettuce I’ve ever encountered in my life which is sold here on Wednesday mornings. Those big beautiful leaves of lettuce would make the perfect wrap for my turkey and cheese lunches.

Maybe, Sunday will get skipped again… after all, if I’m going to choose between yoga and the market, I think I’m going to go to yoga. But, next Wednesday, I think I’ll get some of that lettuce and tomatoes and maybe some zucchini. It’s only summer once a year, after all.