Scale: 171

Change since last week: +.5

Total change: -18

How many days out of the past 7 did I:

  • Follow my food plan: 7
  • Drink my water: 7
  • Have my oat bran: 7
  • Do 30 minutes of exercise: 4

Today I am feeling this way about my progress:

I have to remember that the weigh-in I have the weeks before/during AND after my period are terrible on the scale and basically, I have to ignore them and wait. It annoys me that my period disrupts 2 weigh-ins, but I’m not going to let it mess with my head.

I say this, but the reality is that this is the first weigh in I’ve had on this diet where I haven’t lost something¬†let alone gained! So, I’m struggling a lot to keep a level head right now.So, I have to catalog the things I’m doing that aren’t helping.

I’m on vacation and I haven’t been journaling this week. Yes, there has been less time, but the real issue has been that the times I could have been writing have been the times I was actually able to relax with my husband and I didn’t want to give that up. Clearly, I have to make time, so my head stays in this game.

I ate too much peanut butter this week, even though it’s high in fat, and I didn’t control the quantity as well as I did last week. It was a great tool for giving me a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment when I ate one spoonful two or three times a week. But this past week I had it almost every day and more than once I had several spoonfuls. So, next week, no peanut butter.

We’re at the beach and I’ve been eating some beach food. I’ve avoided all of the refined carbs etc., but I’ve eaten thing that are high in fat, like Buffalo wings. So this week, no high fat foods.

I also have to remember that I have my period. That messes every thing up. That messes me up. That messes up my body and my head.

This week I make these promises to myself:

I won’t freak out and deprive myself out of a misguided need to punish myself.

I will go back to basics and follow the rules that I know get me success.

I won’t allow having my period to make me more miserable that it already does.

I will also wish myself luck!