I’m roasting eggplant right now. It smells nice. I’m enjoying the imaginings of how I’m going to turn it into a healthy, nutritious, low fat meal for my family tonight. It is a pleasant process.

I think what I’m enjoying most is the realization that I’ve been viewing food as my enemy for a long time now and it isn’t. Well certain kinds are.

Like refined carbohydrates.

Those are the things I think are the only things I like when I’m buried in my addiction to them.

But then I break the cycle and stop eating them and feel clean again and then I remember that I love food that is good for my body and my mind. What an idea.

Food that nourishes me.

Food that I can stop eating when I’m full without having to fight myself.

Food that gives me sustaining energy throughout the day.

Food that I love the taste of once I’ve freed my taste buds from the constraint of all that sugar.

When my 7 year old asked what I was making for dinner and I said, “Eggplant and spinach roll-ups” she said, “Yay, I love spinach and eggplant.”

I suppose that is evidence that I’m doing something right somewhere.