It’s been nearly a week since I’ve written a post. I’m not really worried about my “audience” per se, since there isn’t one. It’s about me. I’m writing this to keep myself motivated, on track, and frankly, just aware of what is going on with me in terms of the food.

My success or failure at this endeavor seems to be closely linked to how much attention I pay to my spiritual life. It’s the only thing that keeps the food in check.



But hasn’t Overeaters Anonymous been telling me that for 13 years now?

I weigh-in tomorrow morning. I am expecting not to have lost anything.


Because I don’t feel any different. Because I don’t feel “thinner”. Because if I expect not to have lost weight I can trick myself into being happy with any loss the scale shows.

Of course, that happiness won’t last and I’ll be scouring my food journal to figure out why this past week didn’t work. I suspect I can scour my food journal all I want but if the scale shows no loss tomorrow the bigger culprit will be my lack of spiritual and emotional journaling.

Life was chaotic this past week. Life was good this past week. Today, I got a chance to breathe for the first time since last Thursday. But when I let life get in the way things end badly. I have to remember that.

Funny that I haven’t even been able to sit still while writing this post. I keep getting up, doing other things, allowing myself to be distracted as I talk about the pitfalls that lie within me allowing myself to become distracted.

But going to yoga helped. I felt centered earlier. I just wish I knew how to hold onto that feeling.