Day 2 on a food plan is easier in some ways and harder in others.

Harder because I’m really doing this now. Day 2 feels like a commitment that day 1 wasn’t.

Easier because I know I got through yesterday so I can tell myself that I can get through until bedtime tonight.

I confess, I went to bed at 8pm last night just to get away from the kitchen. My husband was working late and the kids went to bed and I thought to myself that if I spent the evening downstairs things could go any which way with the food.

I have willpower. Anyone who’s spent a lifetime battling with food has outrageously enormous stores of willpower. I believe that the longer I use my willpower the bigger the bender I will go on will be when the willpower finally gives out. Look at it this way: the cables that hold up the Golden Gate Bridge are crazy strong. If they break the resulting crash will be way bigger than if my shower curtain falls down.

The thing is I prefer not to have to rely on my willpower. That’s what the steps are for.

My will does not need power if I’m not using my will anymore.

I’m using the will of a power greater than myself.

Don’t ask me what that power is. I don’t know. I might not ever. But for today just saying “a power greater than myself” is comforting.

So I’m going with it.

Last night, I went back downstairs, turned off the lights, put on the porch light, got a glass of water, the iPad, my phone, and went up to bed. I didn’t sleep, of course I could have and probably should have, but I just sat in bed in my pajamas and read and played games and listened to music and didn’t eat.

I. Didn’t. Eat.

I thought I was going to.

But I didn’t.

Today, I’m making fat free low carb smoothies. Egg white omelets. Oat bran with skim milk and cinnamon. All of which is on my food plan.

I’m also building a fireplace mantle in my living room. Priming walls for wallpaper. Spackling window frames for painting. All of which is on my life plan.

I’ve spent a day at home and next to none of it has been in the kitchen.

So far it’s helped.

It’s helped me not need my willpower.

Which, for today, is good.