Today I begin my new food plan. I have little to report. Today my report is simple; what did the scale say?

189 lbs

I’m 5ft 4in tall.

Am I doing this for the numbers on the scale or to be skinny?


Why am I doing this?

1. So my clothes fit again.

2. So I’m comfortable in my skin again.

3. So I can cross my legs comfortably again.

4. So I can feel attractive again.

5. So running around after my children is fun again.

6. So exercising feels good again and doesn’t hurt my knees.

I’m down with this. These are my reasons. For me they are good ones.

Notice they all say “again”. I want to be where I was. My goals are realistic.

The scale is imperfect. But it is objective. I choose, for today to see it as my ally, not my enemy.